Our areas of expertise include:


Engineering geology, investigation of contaminated sites, soil and subsurface analyses, rehabilitation of contaminated land


Consulting services for and evaluation of mining projects, particularly in the small-scale mining or artisanal mining sectors (SSM or ASM)

Fair Trade in small-scale mining and marketing of small-scale mining products - precious metals and stones - in Africa and Latin America


Hydrogeology, hydrology: Drinking water supply, water demand analysis, groundwater / aquifer exploration, water filtration through soils and rocks, environmental studies for the water supply industry etc.


for small villages as well as large cities (in cooperation with the Itagh Consulting Group, Jujuy, Argentina)


European Geologist Title No 866; European Federation of Geologists (EFG) Brussels, Belgium


Mr Siepelmeyer, Geologist, (Dipl. Geologe), is a competent person according to National Instrument NI 43-101 for mineral resources classification (Canada).


European Geologists are recognised by the mineral reporting authorities in Australia, Canada, South Africa and London as professionals accredited to sign reports on mineral reserves and resources within their area of expertise and in the valuation of mining companies quoted on the Stock Exchanges.




ITAGH Consulting Group, Argentina.


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Company Profile



Bureau for Environmental Geology was founded in 1991 by geologist Thomas Siepelmeyer who has over 25 years experience in geology, hydrogeology and in the science and practice of mining worldwide. The Bureau has provided geological engineering services, including geological interpretation for minerals and water exploration as well as for broader environmental studies. Our staff is comprised of geologists, hydrologists, biologists, environmental specialists and others, all with international experience. Language knowledge in the group includes: German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese.


We have completed various projects in Germany and abroad including:


Geological, ingeneering geological, hydrogeological surveys


Studies, surveys and rehabilitation projects on contaminated lands, aquifers and rivers


Consultancy for Artisanal & Small Scale Mining Projects (SSM and ASM)


Mining studies / projects on gold, uranium, coal etc.; groundwater exploration and protection


(South Africa, Namibia, Madagascar, Lesotho, Tansania, USA, Bolivia, Argentina)